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  • Stratton®  National Park Service (FELT Style)

Winter dress hat. Same fine quality as our F-40. Top dents smaller. Brim 3-1/8" wide. Three pyramid stacked vent eyelets on each side of crown. No ribbon or brim and badge eyelet holes. Brim eyelets standard.

Available in tan only.

F-44 National Park Service Hat

The National Park Service Felt 44 style is similar to a Felt 40, however it has a taller crown and the crown dents are shallower.

This style hat comes standard with a diamond pattern of four eyelets on each side of the crown (not shown). It also comes standard with no ribbon, however a ribbon can be added if desired. Finally it comes standard with no badge hole, however a badge hole can be added if desired.

All of Stratton Hats dress hats are custom made.  Therefore, they will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to ship.

Large numbers of this style of hat are not typically kept in stock, therefore production & delivery time can range from 6 to 10 weeks.

All Stratton Hats are manufactured in the USA, at our factory in Bellwood IL.

Stratton® National Park Service (FELT Style)

  • Brand: Stratton Hats
  • Product Code: NPS F-44 (Border Patrol Green)

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