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  • Blackinton® Dive Team Certification Commendation Bar
Dive Team Certification. Specialty Achievement and Certification as a Department or Command Dive Team member. Measures 1 3/8” by 3/8” (available in Rhodium™ (silver) and Gol-tone™ (gold) border finishes. If you command higher standards of appearance then Blackinton® Enameled Commendation Bars are for you. Each commendation bar comes with its own cab-slide holder (clutch-back) that quickly attaches to your uniform. Just like the beauty of Blackinton® badges, insignia, and specialty items, the commendation bars depict absolute attention-to-detail on any uniform. Beautiful, deep and bright enamel colors are surrounded by a bright polished silver or gold finish! Combine your multiple awards into a handsome cab-slide holder (beautifully and securely holds multiple awards as one unit, in a myriad of available options.) The Blackinton® name has been synonymous with expert craftsmanship since its early beginnings in 1852. Blackinton®… “Achieving artistry in metal”. That’s exactly what Blackinton® achieves. Versatility, creativity, and expert craftsmanship are Blackinton® hallmarks, and what makes Blackinton® badges, commendations, and custom insignia the number one choice of law enforcement and public safety professionals! (Note: In addition to the commendation bars shown here, custom commendation bars can be ordered! All Blackinton® commendation bars (shown), badges, and more, can be customized with many different finishes and enamel color!) Contact T&T Uniforms for bulk order discounts on any Blackinton® product.

Blackinton® Dive Team Certification Commendation Bar

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