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  • ARC - Surveillance Listen Only Earpiece

T20 Series (T20035S Surveillance Listen Only Earpiece): The T20 Series is a surveillance style listen only earpiece. This unit is very popular among security and law enforcement who prefer using a speaker mic for communicating as opposed to a surveillance kit. The T20 simply plugs in to the speaker mic redirecting the sound towards your ear. The advantage of listen only earpieces is that it prevents your environment from listening in to your private conversation. At the same time it also makes listening to your radio easier in loud noise environments. · Kevlar reinforced cabling · Durable strain relief · Quick disconnect acoustic tube · Field repairable transducer · 1 year warranty Fits Speaker Mic Brands: Motorola, ICOM, ARC, Vertex - Surveillance Listen Only with 3.5 mm right angle single pin connector. Cable is coiled and approximately 14" in length.

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ARC - Surveillance Listen Only Earpiece

  • $43.00