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  • Southeastern® Code 9 Dress Wear Shirt (Long Sleeve)

If you demand a professional appearance, then look no further than Southeastern Shirt Co.

This dress wear shirt is MADE IN THE U.S.A. and of 100% textured polyester for a neat, rugged, and durable finish. Featuring three sewn in creases down the back and one sewn in crease down each front panel. PERMANENT PRESS FINISH! The scalloped pocket flaps are lined with 100% polyester and fastened with Velcro. Other features include: *AVAILABLE HIDDEN ZIPPER FRONT!! *Two scalloped pocket flaps *Box Pleated pockets with pencil pocket on left *Sling badge tab *Shoulder straps *Form fit body *Two-ply Yoke and a standard top center down front *Banded Collar *Two-button Cuff with one additional button on the pointed sleeve placket (Men: 14 - 20 Neck sizes) (Ladies: 30 - 46) 9101(Navy), 9102(Blue), 9103(White), 9105(Tan), 9106(Grey), 9109(Black), 9104(Brown), 9108(French Blue)

Southeastern® Code 9 Dress Wear Shirt (Long Sleeve)

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