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The RSK500 RapidStop® Bleed Control Kit has everything you need to save lives, FAST.


This kit includes the patented RapidStop® Tourniquet which represents a hemostatic trauma solution with military-grade ruggedness, all age suitability,

superior single-handed application and the fastest average occlusion time. A severed brachial, radial, or ulnar artery, presents a limited window of time before

the decreasing blood pressure renders the injured unconscious. Shock can set in even sooner. Achieving full occlusion in the shortest time possible is critical.

Faster application means faster stabilization, increasing chances of survival. All the contents are packaged in a durable weatherproof plastic box with a carry

handle and wall mount bracket.

RapidStop® Bleed Control Kit

  • Brand: RapidStop©
  • Product Code: RapidStop® Bleed Control Kit

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