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  • GH Armor® TALON® (Spike Level 1)

The GatorHawk® TALON® is designed for today’s Correctional Officer. Today’s Correctional Officer faces even greater danger than in year’s past. Staying alert and keeping a safe distance from potential danger is your first line of defense. However when a confrontation escalates, GatorHawk® Armor’s TALON® series offers you the protection you deserve. Made of 100% Kevlar Correctional Material from Dupont®, the TALON® is available in Spike Level 1, 2, or 3. Designed by the GatorHawk® Design Engineering Team, the TALON® Spike Resistant armor offers you the reliability and safety you need. All TALON® Spike vests are certified by the National Institute of Justice to the 0115.00 Standard. As in all of our products, the TALON® Series is over-built to ensure your safety. Light weight and comfortable, the TALON® Series offers incredible protection without the bulk of typical body armor. Whether you are escorting, transporting, or just dealing with inmates within the prison population, don't let your family down. Wear your Talon Spike Resistant Vest. * Thinner, more concealable profile * Removable Polycotton Outer Carrier, lined with Akwadyne® cool mesh material for added comfort * Water Resistant Ballistic Panel Cover * Removable 5" x 8" Flexible Trauma Plate * 2" Six Point Fastening System * Front & Back Shirt Tails * Available in Male & Female Styles NIJ 0115.00 Spike Threat Levels: 1, 2, and 3. SPECIAL NOTE: T&T Uniforms specifically restricts body armor availability to, but not limited to, approved: 1. Government & Military Contracts, 2. Federal Agencies, 3. Law Enforcement Departments, 4. Public Safety Departments, 5. Private Security Forces. PLEASE ALLOW 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of custom fit body armor. For those personnel currently outside of T&T Uniforms and GatorHawk Authorized Sizing Representatives, we will email or fax your department a precise measurement form with your order confirmation. Please return as soon as possible with your measurements. T&T Uniforms, Inc. and GatorHawk® Body Armor guarantees your satisfaction. ASK YOUR T&T REPRESENTATIVE ABOUT IMMEDIATE DELIVERY GUARANTEE PRICING! CONTACT T&T UNIFORMS FOR SPECIAL DEPARTMENTAL PRICES.

GH Armor® TALON® (Spike Level 1)

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