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  • GH Armor® Talon Multi-Threat II/2 + Spike

The GH TalonX II/2 provides advanced protection against multiple threats while offering enhanced comfort and wearability previously unavailable to law enforcement and military professionals. As part of GH Armor Systems’ comprehensive line of NIJ Standard-0101.06 compliant body armor solutions, the GH TalonX II/2 is engineered to create the new industry standard for comfort, quality and performance. In addition to offering Level II ballistic protection, the GH TalonX II/2 also meets Spike 2 stab resistance benchmarks under NIJ Standard-0115.00. The hybrid construction of 100% Kevlar® materials provides exceptional protection and reliability while offering a level of comfort that is unmatched by other multi-threat packages in both weight and flexibility.” Standard Features: • Multi-Threat Ballistic and Spike Protection • Certified to NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance • Certified to NIJ Standard-0115.00 for Spike Resistance • Hybrid construction of Kevlar® provides comfort and wearability that are difficult to achieve in a Multi-Threat package • GH’s exclusively patented ProTect™ internal ballistic desiccant system with increased moisture management for durability of performance • Water-resistant ballistic panel cover with heat-sealed seams for extra protection • Poly-cotton carrier lined with moisture-wicking fabric for coolness and comfort • Carrier accepts 5x8” and 8x10” soft, hard or special threat trauma plates for total configurability • 6-point, 4-point or Hybrid strap fastening systems. • Includes 5x8” soft or hard trauma plate standard. • 1.10 psf, 0.32” Optional Equipment: • Extra Concealable Carrier • Premium Concealable Carrier • Tactical Outer Carrier • Tactical Response Carrier • Clean Front Carrier • Quilted Outer Carrier • Uniform Shirt Carrier • Special Threat Trauma Plates

GH Armor® Talon Multi-Threat II/2 + Spike

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