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  • Flying Cross® Aeroshell Advanced Armor Cover Justice 75/25 Poly/Wool



Staying cool and comfortable while on duty is essential to performing your best. The Flying Cross AeroshellTM Advanced Armor Cover is an external cover that houses your body armor within its own carrier, all while maintaining the professional appearance you've come to trust in Flying Cross. Available in multiple fabric selections to match your uniform, the Aeroshell Advanced Armor Cover is the industry’s first to incorporate a full spacer mesh lining throughout the garment. 



  • Constructed of 75/25 Poly/Wool, the JusticeTM Advanced Armor Cover allows for maximum range of movement and comfort ability.
  • Three-dimensional, breathable spacer mesh facilitates the flow of air to the torso, keeping you cool and dry throughout the day.
  • Maintains a clean, professional appearance for working a daily beat, all while providing a low-profile look for blending into harsh situations.
  • Reinforced MAP pockets for extra storage of heavy items.
  • Scalloped pocket flaps and military creases through MAP pocket and pocket flap for a more tailored, bona-fide Armor Cover.
  • Pleated pockets offer a professional, uniformed look. 
  • Front-to-back Velcro closures provide a safe, secure and protected feel for inserted body armor.
  • Backed by Top Industry Body Armor Manufactures for safe keeping, including: Armor Express, Safariland, US Armor and Point Blank.


Aeroshell Advanced Armor Cover

Flying Cross® Aeroshell Advanced Armor Cover Justice 75/25 Poly/Wool

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