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“Our Specialty is Your Uniform”

    At T&T Uniforms we provide each and every customer the best products and services in the uniform industry. Because many of our customers have unique requirements and strict demands, we "tailor" each situation to exacting measures. Our concept is simple; to provide you, our customer with the "Total Uniform Experience". This means working directly with you to satisfy your specific demands. Allow us the opportunity to provide you the best products and services in the uniform industry! Our Public Safety and Corporate professionals deserve the very best. It's time you rewarded your employees with a uniform and a uniform's representative they can be proud of.

    Our guarantee is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services unsurpassed by any uniform retailer. We aspire to be a leader in the uniform industry and your first choice for all your uniform, duty gear, and corporate apparel needs.

    Whether it's a custom tailored uniform, footwear, body armor, tactical gear or accessories, we've got you covered front, back, head-to-toe! T&T Uniforms is demanded by law enforcement and career professionals throughout the southeast. Don't settle for mediocrity. Demand the best. Receive the best...

“...only from T&T Uniforms!"

"...T&T Uniforms combines your favorite products with an unsurpassed level of customer service. This yields our customers the best uniform experience in the industry.  To simply provide our customers with a great product isn't the only step forward.  We focus on an important aspect: "The Total Uniform Experience".  We converge on three main factors: Customer Service, Quality Products, and Customer Service Support. Combined to provide you with a genuine, first-rate experience.  Unmatched by anyone in the uniform industry."

    T&T Uniforms is your reliable source for quality, in-stock public safety equipment and apparel. Like you, we're quick, efficient, and effective. We understand that the demanding needs of your profession drive your purchasing decisions, so we demand the quality gear you require to do your job.

    Regardless of your profession, your service and contributions are valued. Reward yourself, reward your entire team with the best products and services in the uniform industry.  The rewards are the products you need and the unmatched customer service you and your team deserves! You get it all from T&T Uniforms.

“We're Ready to Serve You”